6-Ton Battery Powered 14v Hydraulic Crimping Tool

6-Ton Battery Powered 14v Hydraulic Crimping Tool
Item# VPATMD6-14V

Product Description

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• Weight: 7.8 lbs.

• Height: 5.48"

• Length: 20.91"

• Width: 3.69"

• Voltage: 14.4 V-DC

• Recharge: 45 minutes

One-handed operation for advance, retract and hold 6-ton output force Pressure “pop-off” valve indicates completion of crimp Interchangeable scissor action crimp jaws for ease of access

Designed to allow use of standard BURNDY “W” and “X” dies Large hand grip and ergonomically balanced Durable high impact carrying case

3 year limited warranty on tool

1 year warranty battery and charger

Available Variations:

VPATMD6-14v Permanent “BG” and “D3” grooves

VPATMD6-8-14v Permanent “O” and “D3” grooves

VPATMD6-6-14v “Snub-Nose” with permanent “D3” groove