LED 360 Bolt Thru Strobe

LED 360 Bolt Thru Strobe
Item# 7177-R

Product Description

Cat. No. 7177-R (Red)

Cat. No. 7177-A (Amber)

The 360° LED strobe “Bolt Thru” offers a simple, quick and very secure means to light up the end of your poles.

The Bolt Thru utilizes 24 long lasting LEDs to create a highly visible 60 flashes per minute strobe.

Strobe is protected by heavy duty cage and includes powder coated metal components and comes with a 5/8” threaded insert rod and bolt.

•Available in Red or Amber LEDs

•Batteries: Two Alkaline “D”s

•Battery Run Time: 100+ Hours

•Easily and securely attached

•Picture shown securing Strobe with 18v Roboimpact