LED Pole Bugs

LED Pole Bugs
Item# 7015-R

Product Description

Cat. No. 7015-R (Red)

Cat. No. 7015-A (Amber)

#1 Pole Transportation Safety System.

Small and easy to store, yet extremely rugged with LED technology rated for 100,000 hours of heavy duty operation.

Long range visibility of 5+ miles with four alternative flash patterns: Comet, Single, Steady Burn and Flare Flicker.

Light modules are encapsulated for vibration and moisture resistance with front angled refectors (front and side viewing).

Easy to attach using a heavy duty strap that attaches to all poles.

Additional features include powder coated metal components with dual flag holders.

Includes batteries and two flags.

Pole Bugs are available with single or dual LED “Bugs.”

Dual lights are angled approximately 30°.