ALS Quad-Cube LED, 12 VDC

ALS Quad-Cube LED, 12 VDC

Product Description

Operational Features

Full 8 foot light head elevation when extended

Collapsible aluminum extension mast with locking thumb screws and retractable cable

24 collapsed height

Single cube,10 watts, 800 lumens

Dual cube, 20 watts, 1600 total lumens

Rated 50,000 hours service on LED lamphead

Lifetime Warranty on lamphead

Push-to-test volt meter built in to front panel

12-volt power port for quick charge from an external battery source or voltage out to run 12-volt devices

Adjustable directional lamphead(s)

Internal battery

12 VDC sealed 33 amp AGM lead acid battery

Deep cycle with built-in 115 VAC charger system and cord

Run time for Single LED Mini-CubeTM with full charge, 32+ hours

Run time for Dual LED Mini-CubeTM with full charge, 16+ hours

Battery pack rated for 500+ charge cycles

Approved for continuous charging. Keep unit plugged in when not in use. If Mini-CubeTM becomes fully depleted, recharge time may require up to 24 hours

One year replacement warranty on battery pack and charger