Tone Generator

Tone Generator
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Product Description


1000 Hertz or 500/1000 hertz alternating tone for tracing pairs

Locates broken pairs/cables in walls

Tone generator emits R.F. signal detectable by Aines Model 150SP STATIONMAN Probe

Provides talk power on dead pair

Checks for shorts or opens, using a long-life lite-emitting diode (LED)

Continuity test

Tip & Ring identifications

Line condition identification

a. Clear Line

b. Busy Line

c. Ringing Line

Positive line verification

Long battery life

Nylon braided tinsel test lead wire for greater wear and flexibility

Optional heavy duty nickel silver Aines "6A" type alligator clips with custom designed rubber boots (standard with Mueller type clips)

Rubber grommet to prevent chafing on the test leads


Integrated circuitry

Dual Tone capability (1000 hertz continuous tone and 500/1000 hertz alternating tone

Power source; 9Vdc battery: 216 Eveready, VS323 RCA, 006P import or equivalent

Weight: Test set 3.5 ounces